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Weiter gehts...!
geschrieben von Administrator - 06.12.2013
Goodbye, Adieux, Ciao, Tschüss, Tung, Güle Güle, Zbogom, Adios - Das letzte Turnier auf der PS3, verpasse nicht Deine letzte Gelegenheit….

Sooo ihr Zocker, wie versprochen geht’s sofort weiter mit Time2Game. Wir möchten am


2vs2 - Freitag 23. Mai 2014 (ab 20.00 Uhr) und
1vs1 - Samstag, 24. Mai 2014 (ab 18.00 Uhr)

die PS3 mit einem 1vs1 und einem 2vs2 Event verabschieden. Die Konsole, die uns viel Spass bereitet und mit der auch Time2Game gestartet hat. Also lasst uns zusammen die PS3 feiern, das sind wir ihr schuldig!!

Wir haben dieses Mal auch wieder eine ganz neue Location ganz in der Nähe: Gemeindesaal Steinach, Schulstrasse 14a, 9323 Steinach.

Time2Game Facebookgruppe
Time2Game Facebookseite

What time is it? TIME2GAME !!!


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#1 von Bert 10.12.2013 - 08:12
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I put the comments ssfceuscully. But many times the comments from facebook do not load at the page. Same is the case with any other facebook plugin I've installed on the site. When page is refreshed 2 or 3 times comments are shown there. I am wondering why does not it load the comments or any facebook button/widget/plugin in each attempt.I'll appreciate if you can guide me on this.Thanks

#2 von Raghvendra 10.12.2013 - 08:30
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just installing FB coemnmts on (funnily enough) my Scottish music websites and came across this page when trying to sort out the permalink code bit (can't imagine why Facebook doesn't explain that properly). The info above sorted things out pretty fast, so thanks!

#3 von Mirela 10.12.2013 - 08:48
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I put the comments sulsfcseulcy. But many times the comments from facebook do not load at the page. Same is the case with any other facebook plugin I've installed on the site. When page is refreshed 2 or 3 times comments are shown there. I am wondering why does not it load the comments or any facebook button/widget/plugin in each attempt.I'll appreciate if you can guide me on this.Thanks

#4 von 10.12.2013 - 09:21
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's husband always never showed up. Rented a house to sell prosecution alleged, Li between March 2009 to August 2012, to buy a house,, etc. LiangMou lied his uncle is the central bank staff to be able to buy cheap Chinese People's Bank of welfare housing, and five victims signed a purchase contract, defrauding a mortgage totaling more than 460 million. It is understood that before the incident the victim 380,000 yuan Li had returned. In the five victims were Li Hua deception,, both Li's ex-boyfriend,, also Li old neighbor. Li's former boyfriend trabecular,hollister uk stores, they cheated out of 700,000 yuan to buy a house. Trabecular testimony showed that Li said his uncle was the central bank's staff can trust relationship between the People's Bank of China to buy internal welfare housing, 8,000 yuan per square meter. Thinking that the house is very cheap,,doudoune abercrombie femme, and Li trabecular they signed a purchase contract, and gave its 700,000 yuan to buy a house. April 2010, Li will house keys Quanta Road on the 2nd to the trabecular hospital, saying there is no real estate license after finishing. Until the incident, trabecular know, Li sold his house was rented from the agency. Li admitted that after the incident, the victim's sold five houses are rented it from the agency's. The documents provided to the Li people buy so-called "People's Bank of China,," and so on, then it is false documents purchased from a false Zhongguancun hands of traffickers. When husbands cheat money squandered for the hearing, Li had to explain that he lied to take home all the money handed over to her husband Wang. In 2008,moncler doudoune femme, Li was introduced to the large 7-year-old Wang than themselves. Li despite family opposition, decided to apply for a marriage and Wang registration. However, for Li Wang marriage is not good. "His bad temper, but also love to drink, do not hit me happy." Li had two pregnancies, but are beaten by their husbands because of abortion. However, Li was later found, as long as they take the money to the family, the husband would be much better attitude, so Li began to try every way to the house,doudoune abercrombie femme, "take the money." Wang Li's husband,,giubbotto peuterey, said in an interview with the police investigation, it does not know what his wife fraud, until the victim to find the home he knew Li used a rented room scam someone else to buy a house. Wang said it had used the money to buy over Li a Buick LaCrosse sedan,, a farm house, his father had also spent seven million renovation of their own houses, which to Macau gambling spend about 10 million yuan,louboutin homme pas cher, and Li went to Hong Kong twice and spent about 100,000 yuan,hollister outlet, in addition,jordan 13 retro, a cousin of Wang Li returned to spend 10 million yuan to buy a car Magotan sedan. Since her husband filed for divorce after the accident after appearing in court insisted that her husband Wang Li did not know the facts of its fraud,woolrich milano, so Wang has not been held criminally liable. Hearing the case twice, and yesterday's verdict, Wang did not show up. After the incident, Li's parents by relatives and friends all over,, helping Li refund part of the money, but as her husband Wang has been claimed that they had no money. Shortly after the accident in Hua Wang has filed for divorce. Yesterday morning,nouvelle jordan, Li's parents, aunt and other relatives sixty-seven attend the sentencing. When brought into the courtroom to see the gallery's parents, Li could not help but cry over his face. Previously, it was Li's mother that her daughter lied to someone else money, with Li surrendered to the public security organs. Yesterday,hollister uk stores, when they heard and sentenced to life imprisonment Li, Li's parents body two Akira Akira,hogan scarpe uomo, this time the two had sat in the back of the relatives of two old quickly hold from behind. After the verdict, the two old men feebly slumped in a chair. Morning News reporter He Xin (Original title: splurge for the woman for her husband to defraud 4000000)

#5 von Entreprise 10.12.2013 - 18:08
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Prosto typo povyrhnostno mneine nad neshtata.Taka izglejda-taka mislq.A popita li me,spodeli li s men Adski e typo i lekomisleno ot tvoq strana,bez da me poznavash naistina.Opisal si li4nost,koqto naistina bih namrazila i ne bih iskala nikoga da poznavam- za radost,ne olicetvorqva moqta li4nost Radvam se ,za koeto .. Naistina e mnogo shit,4e si ostanal s nqkakvo spr protivopolojno mneine,no pone nau4ih kolko povyrhnostni moje da bydem .. kak govorim i se zanimavame s 4ujdi jivoti,bez dori da poznavame li4nostta..prosto ei taka..nqmashe nujda da spomenavash imeto mi,povqrvai mi ne sym takava.. prosto govorish pylni absurdi.Znam pred sebe si kakva sym,pred priqtelite mi ,govori kooolkoto si iska6 kakvi sa i kakvi sym az v jivota vinagi shte se namerqt takiva hora..vsi4ko tova,pravi 4ovek po-silen no e nepriqtno nqkf kompleksar da sedne da pishe za men-za 4ovek,koito ne poznava dori.Misi6 si,4e ot nqkolko dialoga me poznava6?Gre6i6.Kaji mi go v o4ite-shte go ocenq.A ne da spodelqsh GRESHNOTO si vpe4atlenie za men s ostanalite hora.Obidno e i adski ne4ove6ko !

#6 von 11.12.2013 - 03:27
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Previous 1
's elite and other groups, forming a "boom." Reporters follow-up survey found several months, accompanied by a "hot body and soul" in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai and other kinds of physical and spiritual bodies emerged, start with "body and soul" of the business,hollister, claiming to help people transformed lives, improve people's spirituality. These physical and spiritual bodies,hollister, offering a large number of training courses. Hundreds of thousands more than ten million entry fee is astounding, but also attracted many wealthy fans. In addition to the creation of physical and spiritual training courses, a variety of body and soul, books, etc.,Man on one knee for cu...Shoe Yin Zhengyi _ News _, are also printing, network hot speculation. But when the boom, but Nishajuxia, chaos. According to the investigation,air jordan pas cher, some of the physical and spiritual body spiritual teacher training institutions and individuals suspected of offering obscene Tantra courses or get mysterious misappropriating, many of them under the banner of the name of education and training company, in fact, no relevant qualifications. Last year, CCTV had "crazy train" for this coverage. At present, Guangdong police in the investigation. In the training, physical and spiritual mentor Qin Ming Yuan to promote extramarital sexual freedom, but also advocated changing the husband of wife-swapping among students is the way women's liberation. In February this year, Qin Luo Fu Shan Ming Yuan in Guangdong training, participants openly organize collective swimming naked. Tantra attend a junior female student curriculum Chen Xue told reporters: "male mentors direct say in class, senior (curriculum) needs to have sex, scared I will not dare attended." It is understood that the so-called Tantra, is a sect of India, inherited the Hindu faction neutral force (longitudinal music camp) ideas that can make the human soul through sexual intercourse, and the flesh of the creative energy boosting up. "Body and soul thermally worrying", Institute of Psychology scholar Luo warning said. So crazy training,air jordan femme, exactly how crazy Mania devotional spirit of erotic articles false comprehension hybrid Tantra classroom heard the groans of some physical and spiritual Tantra courses offered by the institutions to promote "sexual liberation", the Yangcheng Evening News reporter unannounced visits dug numerous shady "hand very gently sliding partner in my body, ...... touch sensitive areas I ...... I do not suppress it ";" like animals, crawling on the ground, ...... emit sexual moans with each other ";" A lady head on the outside of the thigh reporter, then touch the shoulder from the ankle. Reporters saw male female student assistants will shoot ass, Tai Ruisha provocative clothes touched male students across the nipples "; ...... At first glance, this is the erotic novel Do not. This vivid scenes, occurs on something called "Tantra" physical and spiritual programs. "Tantra yoga is actually a special genre --- of force camp, focusing on sex and now engage in Tantra, as well as advocacy of sexual freedom, sexual practice", last October, netizen "Central halfway" rebellion to the Yangcheng Evening News reporter , said some of the physical and mental institutions for alleged obscene Tantra courses, to promote sexual liberation. Reporters found that after several months of investigation, body and soul has formed boom market of some physical and mental institutions or individuals continue to offer Tantra instructor courses, which students share internal records show an alarming scale in the classroom. Earlier, reporters enrolled in the heart of Shenzhen Neo Vision Consulting Limited (hereinafter referred to as "Neo heart horizon") held a Tantra course, male and female students on the course guidelines strange pairing very mysterious play various games and mutual tease. Publicly declared that "by nature,mulberry outlet, transcendence, reaching cosmic orgasm ......" Tantra courses: Spirituality or obscene Since last May, a body Jiaoqin Ming Yuan mentor has in Guangzhou, Beijing organized three Tantra courses. Held in Beijing, "Alchemy of Love" course, students are guided "naked." In Guangzhou, the "intimate love Alchemy of Love "workshop, known as" distinguished and open to love,hollister, emotion, and so different energy centers. " This year New Year period, the Tantra classes Qin Ming Yuan in Beijing, publicly declared that "we will be in an intimate, safe,parajumpers shop, relaxed atmosphere of cooperation and trust by each participant with each other to remove the fear of sex, guilt and shame sense, this will deepen our love, our sex, our relationship, "claiming that" by nature, transcendence, reaching cosmic orgasm ...... "one who have been through the Qin Ming Yuan Tantra courses, so share their curriculum feelings:. "sex massage and Tantra Breathing is our focus today is very gently hand sliding partner in my body, in the process, I found myself melting into the massage, the dissolved Sweetie in each other's hands in touch-sensitive area of ??the body, I will feel changes in the body, I do not suppress it ";" With Tantra breathing awakens the inner masculine and feminine parts, it allows us to isolate from Datong, to the universe . one "network name" Transamerica leaves fluttering wind, "the female student on the course Qin recalled:" like animals, crawling on the ground, like a mother lion, swinging, swinging forward crawl, imagine animals estrus look, there are other animals to come together and rubbing, as well as animal altogether come riding on me mate, accepted the same as when the animal mating cried, I was more passive, and feel they have the desire, but unwilling to take the initiative, it seems you need to take the initiative themselves to bear the shame ...... to challenge, to find other animals, also rode to play, to issue sexual moans with each other,hollister france, suddenly not so ashamed. "like naked lectures, presentations behavior throughout Tantra teaching and learning. It is understood that the current market shortage of physical and spiritual bodies Tantra courses, but the content of their advertising and training do not see a lot of Tantra. Late last year, the Yangcheng Evening News reporter attended the horizon heart held in Shenzhen Mourinho called "Love Concerto" course, if found to be Tantra class lessons, and known as "the first open training for the mainland depth Tantra friends." Tantra attend a junior female student curriculum Chen Xue told Yangcheng Evening News reporter: "male mentors in the classroom directly say, the primary sex does not occur, you need to have sex senior, scared I will not dare attended." Luofushan banks to create "community",barbour sale, physical and spiritual mentor is like "guru" relationship model: the disciples surrender Master in a number of physical and spiritual training prospectuses, the Qin Ming Yuan was declared as a legend,air jordan pas cher, "an enlightened man,barbour outlet, with clear, warm, love, freedom and harmony inherent spiritual mentor ", proclaiming that" twenty years ago, there is a profound study and experience in many aspects Road, meditation, tantra, Tibet pulsating,eastern Hunan, creative arts, Sufi dance, art therapy and so on. " so-called "enlightened" Qin Ming Yuan, the country offered "course." According to the reporter to incomplete statistics, from last May, he has before in Zhengzhou, Beijing, Handan, Harbin, Guangzhou, Guizhou, organized 12 workshops. Students on his course called "Master", if held apprentice ceremony, they will become his "disciples" and get a "disciple name." "Disciple" Jie West told Yangcheng Evening News reporter: "Master enlightened age of 8, he was dropped from a high tree to see the unity of the universe, he became enlightened." "Disciples" with the "master" There is a relationship between the mode is "surrender" or "you're not, let the Master call the shots!" Qin Ming Yuan claimed that this is a shortcut to physical and spiritual transformation. Internally sharing sites and QQ group, the "disciples" who express fanatical love of Qin Ming Yuan: "Master, first woke up feeling told me that if my heart is not with you together, life would lose all meaning"; "I Master wanted to share my joy in the air everywhere spread the Master's atmosphere, love the atmosphere, everywhere. ";" Master is the whole existence, he is no longer a person, but the entire existence ...... "This year two month, "disciples" Jie West and several other disciples, set up a foundation, foreign donations, made willing to "master" in China to create a fixed "community." Currently, Changning Town, Boluo in Huizhou, Guangdong Luofushan depths of a "KHAOS International Meditation Resort", which is "disciples" who "vow" after preliminary results. The Villa is located in the northern foot of the mountain col Luofushan in a white two-story house as the main farmhouse courtyard. Jie West said that the ultimate goal is to develop into a "community", "kindergarten, elementary school, college, nursing homes have everything." Yangcheng Evening News reporter recently visited the Villa to experience one,a reporter mentioned it again, this transformation of the farm from the "meditation Villa", accommodation 150 yuan a day, morning and evening, there are people who lead the exercises taught Qin Ming Yuan "meditation technique." Before leaving, Jie West agitation reporter quit his job, threw himself into "meditation" and "community" cause, "So, you can make people more liberation, freedom, spirituality,woolrich outlet, happiness." Give the feeling of reporters, said very mysterious. West also told reporters Jie Qin Ming Yuan is "community" spiritual leader, "Building communities, Master do nothing, or charity to donate his disciples, Master accepted enough."

#7 von 11.12.2013 - 04:30
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' heart Migration "on a blog posted, said he met a little boy riding a bicycle when riding Sichuan-Tibet line. Learned that the boy was chosen due to domestic abuse riding a bicycle away from home, be aimless travel, so he put the boy and want to find a solution through the power of microblogging. Reporter Chen Wenjun occasional "special rider" eating berries do not want life to go home users' heart migration "After months of careful preparation, embarked on a cycling journey from Xi'an to Chengdu. In accordance with the original plan he and his teammates will be able to Lhasa as well as a week's time, "Xpress Migration" a person from the team decided to go along with riding team because most of the time are just in their way. July 3, when he was riding to Nyingchi, met a "special rider", which is a 13-year-old boy riding alone. In the conversation, "blossoms migration" that, this little boy was unbearable abuse at home, riding a bicycle with no brakes runaways. The boy told the "heart Migration" He was a man living in the mountains for 14 days by eating berries, many road riding friends tried to persuade the boy to go home, but he did not want to go back. "Xpress migration" Introduction, met the boy when he rode a car without brakes, no pedals, but also seriously broken bicycle tire, slip on the handlebars and no plastic sleeve, just a bare metal to. Because of malnutrition, the 13-year-old boy is only 7-8 years old children is so high. At that time the boy decided to follow him, he knew that if the boy sent directly back to the children still being abused, so decided to go for a boy band. "Xpress Migration" do not know what is right or wrong, after thinking again and decided to borrow the power of microblogging to seek a solution. Later, he was still on the microblogging announced its own phone number, I hope you can help him make a decision. User Weapon recommended to contact the local civil affairs department after the micro-Bo, attracted wide attention of users. Some say the boy was riding a bicycle with no brakes too dangerous, or the first to say that he put on the brakes. Some people say that what appears dangerous if no one could be responsible for the road, it is recommended to contact the local civil affairs department. Everyone's face suggested that the "heart Migration" that he is just a "baton", many people have had with the boy, since he felt that bring this child, we must be responsible. He hoped the boy to be able to like other children to live healthy lives, it is better able to treat his family. Because not find the right approach, "Xpress Migration" sleepless nights, often awakened in the middle of the night. Now, he just released microblogging express their ideas,barbour sale, but also did not comment on any post. Wei says convex enthusiastic users: should first try to notify his family, that he is now very safe, then slowly grooming, let him know his position as soon as his family, came and took him home. Summer cat friends account: ...... I think on such things, we must first teach children how to protect themselves, such a thing happen again in the future how to help, who to turn to ...... Come hero _ Jiang Jing: to find out what was going on, children and the family in the end what is irreconcilable contradiction is really abused or just momentary pique away, and then decide whether to send their children back home, or contact the media proliferation issue, to seek a better solution.

and let a man repent

it will ruin the hard labor of the year.

#8 von 11.12.2013 - 09:05
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Kiss send roses," the text reads,hollister outlet uk, "I am hepatitis mm, I also desire to love . " Zhang Wen from Nanning, Guangxi, 30 years old, 18 years old was found to carry the hepatitis B virus, after being the school, the students silent rejection, employment after graduation, love are therefore frustrated. Now, she is a volunteer charity hepatitis B, hepatitis B is also the initiator of the domestic group hug. This New Year, Zhang Wen to attend charity Han conference after whim, want to do in Wuhan, an upgraded version of a group hug, kiss hiring. She told reporters that most of the hiring for the public kiss, less than half of private, "A lot of hepatitis B infection not work due to illness in love, get married, I want to use this unusual way science knowledge of hepatitis B, and together they fight for justice and love." "As a woman, my heart still has a little wishful thinking, dreams can come across that their good people." When Zhang Wen appeared in the square shortly after she prepared 10 roses on an empty distribution: eight boys a gentleman kissed her hand, two girls passionately kissed her face. A kiss on the hand is very relaxed and told fellow male students, hepatitis B only through blood, sexual transmission and mother, working together, eating, talking, shaking hands, hugging, kissing, not infected with the hepatitis B virus. It is understood, Zhang Wen had boarded TV dating show in September last year, "You Are the One", became the first to declare the identity of the female guests hepatitis B, and on the spot invited three presenters hug.

Yan Moumou was among them

is the first to find Dr. Ding

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